2017 Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results

We are excited to announce the results of the 2017 Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey. The survey, conducted in partnership with Spectrum Gaming, was designed to help the gaming industry attract, retain, and motivate its executive talent by providing insight on executives’ overall attitudes and preferences at their workplace.

The following questions were analyzed and addressed in our survey results:

  • Which casino gaming employers were in the Top 10 Employers of First Choice?
  • How has optimism and satisfaction in the casino industry changed in the past ten years?
  • Is there a difference in executive satisfaction between corporate and property management levels?

We hope you enjoy the report and encourage you to forward the results to your colleagues.

Click here to download the full report of the 2017 Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey.

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  1. Would love to see the favored employers chart show all companies like you used to, not just the top 10. It’s as worthwhile to see one end of the spectrum as it is the other.

    • Ben Farber

      Thank you for your feedback, Bob. It is greatly appreciated. Please expect a follow-up email from me regarding the favored employers chart.

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