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For potential candidates unfamiliar with the executive recruitment process, it’s common to have questions before feeling comfortable submitting a resume or participating in the hiring process of a career opportunity. At Bristol Associates, our executive recruiters do their best to give helpful and candid guidance that is beneficial to both the candidates and clients of our business.

We asked three of our recruiters to give their insight on commonly asked questions they received while working with candidates during the executive recruitment process.

Q: Can I call you to discuss the position I saw advertised on your website?

David Alford, Director

A: As recruiters, we are on the phone much of the day. To save us time and not waste your time, we like to get your resume prior to scheduling a conversation to ensure that the position you saw advertised is a good fit for both you and our client. Click here to submit your resume through our website.


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Q: What types of positions do you work on? Interim, Contract, or Direct Placement?

Kristina Paudler, DirectorA: The vast majority of our search focus is on Direct Placements. On occasion, existing clients may ask us to recruit someone on an Interim or Consulting bases. We typically work on this type of assignment if the candidate is expected to remain on this assignment for multiple months.


Q: How many other candidates are being interviewed for this position?

Ben Farber, President

A: Aside from general curiosity, I have never understood why candidates ask this question. The answer has no impact on their place in the process. No matter how many candidates are under consideration, subtle confidence is key. Focus on factors you can control and put forth your very best in every interview.


Bristol Associates is an executive search firm with a 50-year history of excellence. Bristol specializes in recruiting for companies and candidates in the casino gaming, food manufacturing, hospital/healthcare, hotels/resorts, travel/tourism/attractions, facilities/concessions, and restaurant businesses.

If you’re interested in working with Bristol Associates, click here if you’re an employer or here if you’re a job seeker.

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