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Looking to find the right candidate for the company? Hiring an executive recruiter can be beneficial to employers – not only does it alleviate the workload of the search process, but it also brings an industry expert’s perspective in filling the position based on the needs and desires of the company. Before fully committing to the idea of utilizing an executive search firm’s services, it’s understandable for clients to have questions, especially if it’s their first time working with a recruiter.

We asked our recruiters to answer client’s commonly asked questions regarding the executive recruitment process.

Q: Bristol Associates, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA. Do you manage searches in areas other than the West Coast?

Kelly Nelson, Sr. Vice President

A: We have been recruiting on a National basis for the past 30 years. There was a time when recruiters were geographically focused. The advances in communications, the internet, social media, and job boards have enabled recruiters to reposition on a national (and international) basis. We regularly conduct search assignments in the Midwest, East Coast, Southeast, and Southwestern United States. With that said, the question is appropriate as there are recruiters who have not adjusted their focus. Our national reach allows us to source candidates for key positions in all market areas.

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Q: Do you screen candidates before sending them over to us to review?

Ben Farber, President

A: Yes, this is an absolute must for every search we conduct. We do not send candidates’ resumes to our clients without their permission. Moreover, we ensure that our candidates are qualified, open to relocation, and available within the given compensation range. We are thorough throughout every step of the process, from beginning to end. This is how we have successfully built a reputation of integrity and how we have thrived in this business for so many years.

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Q: How long will it take before you can submit candidates to us?

David Alford, DirectorA: That depends on a couple of factors. First is how tight the labor market is for people with the skill-set in which you’re interested. Currently, national unemployment is 4.1%, so it can take more time to find someone who poses skills that are highly sought after in the marketplace.

Second is the pay and benefits that are being offered. If the overall compensation package is below the industry average, it is difficult for us to attract the best candidates to fill your position. In a tight labor market such as this, offering a desirable compensation package will attract the highly-skilled candidates you desire.

Bristol Associates is an executive search firm with a 50-year history of excellence. Bristol specializes in recruiting for companies and candidates in the casino gaming, food manufacturing, hospital/healthcare, hotels/resorts, travel/tourism/attractions, facilities/concessions, and restaurant businesses.

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