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There’s a lot riding on the interview. The resume is in and suitability has been examined — the candidate seems like a good fit. But it’s during the interview where an employer really gets a chance to interact with the person they’re considering hiring. There’s talk of skills, of expertise, of relevant experience. But asking the right questions — to understand if this candidate is the right candidate — is priority #1.

Here’s feedback from three of Bristol Associates’ executive recruiters about the Most Important Interview Question an Employer Should Ask:

Bristol Associates Kristina Paudler: Most important interview questionKristina Paudler, Director of Healthcare Recruiting

One of the most important questions any organization should ask is, “Why do you want this position”?

Candidates need to demonstrate and explain why they want to work for a particular organization. They must convey their passion and love for what they will be doing. If a candidate cannot convey enthusiasm for what they do (or will be doing), you’ll just be hiring another passive candidate who will most likely seek out other opportunities until they find what they love.

See Kristina’s LinkedIn Profile here.

Bristol Associates.Nora Bright: Most important interview question Nora Bright, Vice President, Co-owner

Ask “What motivates you at work?” and the response will help you to understand why the candidate gets out of bed every day. The interviewee may respond that they are most motivated by career growth, relationships, competition, or financial growth. It is important that their answer fits well with company culture and the position itself. An additional benefit of asking this question is if you hire the candidate, this information will help you to keep them engaged as employees.

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Bristol Associates Steven Kessler: Most important interview questionSteven Kessler, Vice President, Restaurant and Casino Gaming Division

The question, “What separates you from other candidates?” is one of the most important because it allows the employer/interviewer to see just how prepared and organized the candidate is for the interview. The response will also show the employer whether the candidate has put serious thought into the job. Additionally, the candidate’s answer can provide insight as to how he or she would see themselves fitting in to the company culture, and what sort of impact they expect to make.

See Steven’s LinkedIn Profile here.

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