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Image of a magnifying glass hovering over the words "Dream Job." Surrounding the magnifying glass are clouds, an arrow and target, a CV resume, and a briefcase. - What Do Executive Candidates Look For In Employers?

In today’s job market, employers are competing to attract quality candidates into their companies. Because candidates have more opportunities available to them, it is important for employers to understand what they can do to be distinguished as a viable choice of employment.

Bristol recently posted the results to last year’s Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results, which received a total of 1,363 respondents. Executives were asked to rank six factors from highest to lowest priorities when it came down to choosing their employers. The six factors include: Career Opportunity and Growth; Compensation (i.e. base, bonus, stock, grants, and options); Corporate Culture (i.e. receiving recognition in job, relationship with co-workers and immediate supervisor, company values); Job Security; Location; and Weather and Lifestyle.

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Human Resources Interview Recruitment Job Concept

In this article we continue our series on the “candidate-driven market.” In the strong economy, companies are hiring for more positions, and thus candidates are in higher demand to fill them. Companies now have to work harder to attract strong talent, and even harder to retain them once they come on board.

Our last article by President Ben Farber was about how to recruit passive candidates in the current job market. However, there are also policies your organization can implement internally to have access to the best talent in your field. Below are six tactics we recommend to engage both current and future employees.

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recruiting passive candidates

You may have heard the term “candidate-driven market” as it relates to today’s job market and strong economy. This phrase refers to the fact that candidates are in higher demand than usual, therefore recruiters and employers have to go the extra mile to attract the best talent. Candidates are now in the driver’s seat and have choices when it comes to employment, whereas in 2010 they may have taken a less desirable opportunity because any job was better than no job. It’s not just about what a candidate can offer your company anymore, but rather what you can offer a candidate.  In this post we’ll explain how you can tailor your approach to attract passive candidates in this competitive market.

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