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Image of a magnifying glass hovering over the words "Dream Job." Surrounding the magnifying glass are clouds, an arrow and target, a CV resume, and a briefcase. - What Do Executive Candidates Look For In Employers?

In today’s job market, employers are competing to attract quality candidates into their companies. Because candidates have more opportunities available to them, it is important for employers to understand what they can do to be distinguished as a viable choice of employment.

Bristol recently posted the results to last year’s Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results, which received a total of 1,363 respondents. Executives were asked to rank six factors from highest to lowest priorities when it came down to choosing their employers. The six factors include: Career Opportunity and Growth; Compensation (i.e. base, bonus, stock, grants, and options); Corporate Culture (i.e. receiving recognition in job, relationship with co-workers and immediate supervisor, company values); Job Security; Location; and Weather and Lifestyle.

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Company Culture illustrated with cityscape superimposed over businessman's torso.

By Kristina Paudler, Director of Hospital & Healthcare Recruitment

Two years ago, “Culture” was Time Magazine’s “Word of the Year.” Today, the term “Company Culture” is pervasive when describing enterprises worldwide.

There are various definitions of Company Culture but most agree on several points: that Company Culture refers to the philosophies, values and behavior that define how a company operates. The company culture can define how a company handles clients, employee benefits, hiring decisions, even the office setup and dress code.

Company culture is extremely important to prospective job seekers. A person’s decision to work for a specific organization usually entails whether or not the company has a vested interest in prioritizing its employees’ long-term goals over immediate success.

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Bristol Associates 6 Hiring Mistakes Employers Make

by Steven Kessler, Bristol VP and Casino Gaming Executive Recruiter

Finding the right employee isn’t as simple as reading a resume and conducting a short interview. From the job posting through onboarding, the hiring process is fraught with potential mistakes. Awareness and avoidance of these mistakes can lead to a faster, better outcome and a new employee who’s the right fit.

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