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By Haydee Antezana

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Successful people are not born with a success gene; they develop a scientifically proven secret sauce: the ability to influence and impact with intention. As an executive, you are constantly influencing and impacting those around you. Being aware of how to increase these skills matters greatly in your career.

Follow these three crucial steps to increase your influence and impact as a successful leader in today’s competitive market.

1. Upgrade Brand YOU.

Do a Brand Performance Appraisal.

Whether by design or by default, you have a personal brand. How you are perceived and received by the people you seek to influence and impact matters. 

Imagine everyone you’ve interacted with over the last year had to “review” your personal brand on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

On a scale of 1 to 5, what would your rating be? Would you be offered the position of Head Marketer of brand YOU?

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Business Worker Recruitment Hiring Office Working ConceptHave you ever had an open position at your company that you just can’t find quality candidates for? Sometimes hiring managers feel like they have exhausted all their usual recruiting methods—including posting the job online, and even reaching out to passive candidates—and still haven’t found any potential hires. This article will provide proactive recruitment strategies that will help your company engage candidates before you need them.

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Portrait Of Businesspeople In Modern Open Plan OfficeAs an executive search firm, we know how much easier it is to recruit for an organization that has a reputation as a “great place to work.” However when an organization has a poor image as an employer, it can be difficult to get anyone, let alone the best talent, to consider employment there.

Having qualified and motivated employees is essential to the success of any company or organization. So, how can nonprofits attract individuals with the right skills and experience, especially when competing with other non-profit and even for-profit companies? Developing your “employer brand” will help you to establish your identity as an employer and market to potential employees. It is essential to market to your “talent community,” or current and future employees, just like your donors and supporters.

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