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The results are in! We had 125 restaurant executives participate in our 2nd Annual Restaurant Executive Survey, which was designed to help gain insight on which restaurant segment executives want to work for. Our goal was to explore the following questions within the restaurant industry:

• Which level of executives are most satisfied in their current restaurant segment? Which prefer seeking opportunities in a different segment?
• Which restaurant segment has the most satisfied executives?
• What factors do executives find most attractive about their preferred restaurant segment?

The infographic below illustrates our key takeaways from the survey conducted in 2017.

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As the restaurant industry has grown with the strengthening economy, there has been an increase in jobs, and along with it an increase in competition to hire and retain top talent. At Bristol Associates, we’re always interested in learning why candidates are attracted to some types of companies more than others.

We conducted a survey with a sampling of 170+ candidates from our database of restaurant executives in order to find out:

  • Which restaurant segment has the most satisfied managers and executives?
  • What attracts top talent to each restaurant segment?

The infographic below illustrates our key takeaways.​

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Steve is an executive recruiter in the restaurant and casino industries. He joined Bristol Associates in 2006 and is a die hard Los Angeles Lakers fan. You can contact him by email or for his full bio click here.

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90210Pho, a Vietnamese-French fusion restaurant chain based in Los Angeles, has selected Ric Gordon as its new Chief Operating Officer after a nationwide search led by Bristol Associates.

Ric has an extensive background in restaurant operations and development from his previous roles at companies such as LYFE Kitchen, AMG Restaurants, and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

9021Pho hopes to focus on growth and expand its reach outside of Southern California, and Ric will assist in the opening of new stores in Denver, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

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